• Registration for each contestant will be at check-in at the entrance to the ITPF.
  • All participants’ costumes are required to abide by all ITPF and UIC policies, as well as comply with State of Illinois and Federal law. Otherwise they may be disqualified from the contest. See ITPF Costume Rules for more detail.
  • All costumes must pertain in some way to the super hero theme.
  • All participants will be required to sign a waiver to participate in the costume contest.
  • Costumes will be judged on accuracy, creativity, and presentation.
  • Purchased, professionally made, or rented costumes may only be entered as exhibition costumes. These costumes may be presented during the contest, but will not be eligible for awards.
  • All awards presented are at the judges’ discretion.
  • All participants will be allotted up to 30 seconds to present their costumes for the judges and audience to see. Participants may not go over this time limit.
  • Characters from any genre are welcome, but please be aware that not every judge may know every character from every universe. If your costume reflects a more obscure character, be willing to tell us about your source material. Bringing source material is even better!
  • If costume is an original design, then reference images of inspiration or in cases of characters from novels, a printed description from the literary work will be most helpful. Digital devices may be used to present reference photos to the judging panel.


  • Any individual can only enter the contest one time. An individual cannot enter as an individual AND as part of a group.
  • Costumes do not have to be worn by its creator. Costume creators may have a “model” for their costume but the costume creator MUST be present
  • Purchased costumes are prohibited from entering the contest. However, exceptions can be made for costumes that contain “found” pieces, “modified” or in other words, altered from its original design or purpose; Costumes that are considered as “kits” are allowed so long as kit was assembled by the participant. All participants should be prepared to briefly explain the process through which their costume was created, altered, or modified. Costume(s) should be 70% “hand-made”.
  • The contest registration is for an Individual person.
  • Multiple individuals wearing a single, large costume will be entered as an individual.
  • Groups may be allowed to enter the contest but will be judged as if the entire group were as one person entering.


  • Judging will take place during lunch – exact time and location will be posted at the registration table. All contestants are required to report to the contest table at this time.
  • Late contestants will be disqualified!
  • Judges are allowed to see (but not touch!) your costume from all angles.
  • This is exclusively a costume contest. Feel free to pose or yell your favorite tag line, but no presentations or skits etc. will be allowed.
  • All decisions of the costume contest judges are final.

Changes to the Rules

While no changes to these rules are foreseen, certain circumstances may require that the rules be changed. Any changes to the rules will be noted in bold red print on this page. A complete set of current rules will be posted at the costume contest check-in tables.


Pictures will be taken during judging of all participants. These pictures will be used for record and judging purposes. By entering the costume contest, you are agreeing to allow your image to be used in future ITPF material.

The UIC ITPF isn’t responsible for lost or damaged property.
By entering the costume contest, you agree to the costume contest rules and attendance policy.
The UIC ITPF reserves the right to make changes to these rules at any time.

Please also see Costume Rules