From 0 to 1, Flipping the Bits of Ordinary to Extraordinary

Calling all IT superheroes:  Protect your ASSets!Amy

Amy Hariharan Dang, formerly known as amyh, is a senior cybersecurity consultant for Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS). Prior to her employment for the Microsoft Corporation, Amy was an alumna of the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Engineering and a former employee of the Academic Computing and Communications Center.

After leaving the University, Amy joined Microsoft as a Consultant, focusing on Identity and Infrastructure. This role provided the opportunity to learn and grow on a large scale on both the professional and technical level, leading deliveries for companies across the United States. After being promoted within Microsoft, Amy actively pursued and transitioned to Microsoft’s Cybersecurity team within Microsoft Consulting Services. She now helps Fortune 100 companies as well as public sector IT organizations protect their identities and IT infrastructure. Amy has also been the recipient of numerous awards while at Microsoft, including: Microsoft’s Circle of Excellence award, Key Talent, Individual Peak Performer, and Dream Team award.  Amy currently serves as the Americas lead for the world wide identity community at Microsoft, where she leads teams of mentors in training and mentoring Microsoft personnel in the Western hemisphere.